New Zealand Parties Environmental Stance


To find the environmental stances of 6 NZ minor parties:

Early Findings

TOP Party

  • The Opportunities Party (TOP) have a stance that the conomy should not grow at the expense of the environment.
  • The party wants to invest more in the environment.
  • Environmental policy proposals from the TOP include charging polluters for the environmental damage caused, protecting oceans, charging a $20 tourist tax, and improving river water cleanliness.
  • The TOP party is proposing to finance an afforestation program on erosion-prone lands.
  • They plan to release a whole climate change policy this month.

Social Credit

New Conservatives

  • The New Conservatives party is in favor of rejecting the ETS, as well as the Paris and Kyoto agreements.
  • Their environmental policies include reducing commercial fishing in some areas, and investing in R&D to tackle some pollution problems.
  • The party's stance on climate change is ambiguous.

Legalise Cannabis Party

The Mana Movement and Vision New Zealand.

  • These two parties do not have functioning websites, the Mana party page is not available and the Vision New Zealand party only has a Facebook page.
  • They do not seem to have specific environmental policies.

Proposed next steps:

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In addition, we can search for 3-5 insights on Companies in New Zealand that sponsor the planting or trees or the conservation of trees programs.
Alternatively, we can also look for 2-3 case studies of successgul tree planting programs that took place in New Zealand. For each, we will mention the number of trees planted, the funding, the name of the program and any other interesting insight.