Environmentally Sustainable Acrylic Alternatives


To find environmentally sustainable alternatives to acrylic as a material in fabrication.

Early Findings

Recycled acrylic
  • This is an alternative to traditional acrylic that is also a repurposing as if is made from 100% recycled pre- and post-consumer acrylic.
  • Recycled acrylic has the same look and properties as true or "virgin" acrylic.
  • Greencast manufactures recycled acrylic.
  • Greencast recycled aluminum is "optically more pure than extruded acrylic," UV resistant, easy to work with and possesses some thickness tolerance. According to Material District, Greencast recycled is less suitable than virgin acrylic for "very demanding optical applications such as light guide plates."
  • Greencast recycled acrylic can be purchased directly from Greencast or through distributors including Pennant Shop Equipment.
  • Greencast does not provide pricing per sheet for recycled acrylic on its website. Inquiries can be made through a contact page provided on the company website. Interested consumers may also email Greencast directly at info@greencastus.com.
  • Pennant Shop Equipment makes a sells a range of products made exclusively from Greencast recycled acrylic including light boxes, sign and ticket holders, injection-molded leaflet holders, acrylic blocks, and cut-to-size custom acrylic sheets.
  • Custom acrylic sheets are crystal clear recycled acrylic panels ranging from 3mm to 6mm thick. Available panel sizes range from 200mm x 200mm to 1000 x 1000mm. Prices for these acrylic sheets start at £29.60.
  • Pricing for all other recycled aluminum products made by Pennant Shop Equipment is available through links on the company's web page.
  • First patented in 1953, polycarbonate is an eco-friendly alternative to acrylic that is only now becoming more widely accepted as an alternative to acrylics, especially Plexiglass.
  • Polycarbonate is most widely used in the eyewear, automotive, and aviation industries.
  • Polycarbonate is has many qualities similar to those of acrylic. Like acrylic, polycarbonate is a strong, stiff material with good dimensional stability, it is easy to fabricate, easy to bond and has good optical clarity (although acrylic is slightly clearer).
  • Polycarbonate is manufactured in countries all over the world. Manufacturers of polycarbonate include Covestro AG , LG Chem, and Trinseo.
  • There are many vendors selling polycarbonate sheets including Piedmont Plasticsand Cope Plastics.
  • Piedmont Plastics allows customers to obtain quotes online through this webpage.
  • Cope Plastics is a distributor and fabricator of polycarbonate sheets and products. They use machine-grade polycarbonite that is transparent but not optically clear.
  • contact for pricing

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