Erosion of the care labels/washing tags


To determine how long fabric/garment care labels will remain necessary on the garments from a regulatory and trends perspective.

Early Findings

  • Are permanently and securely attached so that they can be easily seen at the point of sale and so that the customer can always refer to them when needed over the lifetime of the fabric.
  • If the product is packaged, displayed or folded so that the customers cannot find the label, care information must also appear on the side of the package or on a hang tag
  • Remain fastened and legible during the useful life of the product
  • Mention the regular care needed for the ordinary use of the product
  • Warn the customer about additional factors which may harm the garment
These guidelines are outlined in the American Care Labeling System Guide.

The FTC does not state explicitly what form the care labels may NOT come in on the fabric, only that:
  • They be available on the product for reference.
  • They may be printed directly on the product or on the products's "fiber content" label if the instructions meet the Rule's requirements of permanence and legibility.
While these regulations were last updated in 2014, the FTC is a legal government body and the material provided on their website is backed by law.

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