Research Outline

Research Project


To inform a client's market evaluation by finding research tasks/jobs that the client can complete online to get rewards or payment.

Early Findings

Online Research Jobs

  • Guru is an online job board for freelancers. It provides a listing of freelance research jobs that can be accessed here.
  • Briansfeed is a social knowledge platform that provides freelance research and writing opportunities upon the completion and satisfactory passing of an assessment process during application. The application can be accessed here.
  • Ravenry is an online talent platform that offers data collection, research and article writing services through a team of remote writers and analysts. Ravenry's freelancers' application form can be accessed here.
  • Workana is an online talent market place that connects clients seeking remote work services to freelancers. Clients submit their tasks and receive bids from interested freelancers. The freelancer whose bid is chosen by a client gets the clients project to work on. Workana can be accessed here.
  • UpWork, a global talent market place provides research tasks posted by clients who require online research and writing services. UpWork offers a plethora of tasks with different skill requirements and the task bidding model for freelancers is similar to that described for Workana. Upwork can be accessed here.
  • Livingston is an online education services company that offers educational research services to clients. Livingston's writers' application can be accessed here.