High-Level Israelis in Major Companies


To find Israelis working in high-level positions in major companies across Europe and North America.

Early Findings

  • According to Israel 21c, some prominent Israelis at the helm of major American companies include Haim Saban (Fox Family Channel, owned by Disney, and others), Adam Neumann (WeWork), Orit Gadiesh (Bain & Co.), Arie Belldegrun (Allogene Therapeutics, and others), Joseph Nakash (Jordache Jeans), Elie Tahari (Tahari apparel), Noa Tishby (Noa's Arc), Adi Tatarko (Houzz), Hadar Goldman (Zalman Goldman) and Shai Wininger (Lemonade).
  • Several Israelis have made a significant mark on the London tech scheme, including Eze Vidra, Ella Goldner and Tzachi Davidovich.
  • Other prominent Israeli-born businessmen include Avi Arad, founder of Marvel Studios and Abraham Karem, the founder of the drone and owner of Karem Aircraft.
  • Israeli-born Smadar Landa founded Feelter, a platform that curates reviews and social sentiment for retailers.
  • Karen Dayan had a significant role at Microsoft before moving onto becoming CMO at Trusona, a cybersecurity startup.

Research proposal:

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