Research Outline

Event Planning Industry: Emerging Trends


To identify key emerging trends that are expected for the United States event planning industry. The research will focus on the next 3-5 years.

Early Findings


  • Furthermore, in 2020 and beyond, the concept would be extended to include "diversity, inclusion, modern slavery, and even data privacy."

Non-Traditional and Unique Venue Experience

  • 90% of event planners reckon that events are less likely to be booked in traditional and conventional places such as hotels than five years ago.
  • Additionally, "53% of event planners surveyed said moving away from hotel venues and to more unique venues was the biggest location trend of 2020."
  • In this regard, venues such as gardens, museums, art galleries, warehouses, barns, and coworking spaces are increasingly becoming more popular.
  • This growing trend is also prompting hotels to add non-traditional spaces to their structures to adapt to this trend. Types of spaces added by hotels include rooftops and outdoor venues.
  • The availability of ride-sharing innovation is one of the key drivers of this trend, as they have "made it more practical to host events outside of the typical downtown venues."
  • An after-effect of this trend is the growth of the venue sourcing software market as event planners seek more unique options for their events.