Research Proposal

Trends in Information Technology and Their Impact


To find insights on the latest trends in information technology and how those trends will impact an IT service provider’s customers’ businesses from the aspects of network bandwidth, security aspect, and IT team requirements.

Early Findings

  • As a significant trend in the world of information technology, the internet of things (IoT) seems ready to join cloud computing and mobile devices as a permanent part of the modern technology landscape.
  • As an outcome of this trend, instead of treating IoT installations as separate projects, businesses will have to recognize that they are dealing with an expanded architecture.
  • This realization is expected to dictate networking structures, storage options, data policies, and security decisions.
  • Moreover, driven by this trend, IT departments would be required to invest in skills training in order to fully establish a successful data-based analytics practice.
  • The significant expansion in IoT based applications will also lead to an increased demand for more and more portable and fixed networks with local high-capacity and low-latency (real-time) processing capabilities that embed analytics and AI to transform the customer experience.
  • According to IBIS World’s market research report published in November 2019, the increasing adoption of cloud computing, which involves accessing data through the internet, is boosting demand for dedicated internet access services sold at a much higher margin than standard internet access.
  • However, on the other hand consumers with greater access to internet-connected devices and online video streaming services continue to demand faster and more reliable internet connections.
  • The convergence of these two market trends will result in distinct technological systems evolving toward a set of data services that are bundled and marketed as one product.
  • It has also been seen that shared company systems and the growth of the Internet has left a high amount of personal and company data at risk to breaches. Areas of cybersecurity and privacy have also grown vulnerable to infiltration. IT professionals are increasingly expected to address these issues and find practical and fortifying solutions.
  • In recent future careers related to IoT is expected to increase with a need for 200,000 additional IT workers who will be required to have extensive training and skills in designing, troubleshooting, and support of IoT products.
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