Rbb Communications - Competitive Landscape


To find the direct competitors of rbb Communications and provide the following information for each: 1) name, 2) website link, 3) services, 4) how services are packaged (i.e. names, descriptions, etc.), 5) targeted industries, 6) whether they are a public or private agency, 7) estimated annual revenue, 8) whether they are fully integrated, 9) brands, and 10) links to social media profiles. Regional focus is North America.

Early Findings

During this initial hour of research we found ten competitors of rbb Communications in North America. For each company, we included a link to its website, its headquarters location, and its estimated annual revenue. We've created the attached spreadsheet to organize the data points requested. Our initial findings indicate that further research may yield additional competitors.

rbb Communications North American Competitors

  • Padilla
  • Walker Sands
  • Method
  • Highwire PR
  • PAN Communications
  • March Communications
  • SSPR
  • Sparkpr
  • Trier and Company
  • LaunchSquad

Proprietary Research

In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
We could start by completing the attached spreadsheet for the first four competitors listed: Padilla, Walker Sands, Method, and Highwire PR. We would include the following data points for each competitor: 1) targeted industries, 2) services provided (including a description of how these services are packaged), 3) whether it is a public or private agency, 4) whether it is fully integrated, 5) its brands, and 6) links to its social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
In addition, we could identify 2-3 best practices in B2B marketing for companies offering digital media services. For each best practice, we could 1) describe what it is, 2) explain what's driving it, and 3) provide 2-3 examples of companies utilizing it. Our regional scope would be North America.