Mobile Branded Activations


Acquire a list of examples of successful mobile (truck/trailer) branded activations that target children or teenagers, including information on how they engage audiences, and activities and technologies aboard the vehicle that contribute to success, in order to support the strategy of a STEM education truck.

Early Findings

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • One brand activation that used a mobile trailer to target a primarily youth audience was the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Summer Road Show.
  • The activation involved an Airstream trailer, where General Mills handed out samples of snacks made from Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • A key promotional strategy was to use the branded hashtag #CrazyCarCam to promote and show followers the locations where the sampling tour will stop.
  • Additionally, the entire Airstream was wrapped in activation artwork to reflect Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other cereals in their brand family.

Kinect Experience Tour

  • Microsoft used a cross-country tour to promote their Kinect Experience to children and their mothers.
  • The tour involved a mobile trailer, featuring a pop out unit to turn it into a 12x12 foot 'living room' resembling where one might use a gaming system.
  • Within the space, children and their mothers could try out the Xbox based Kinect programs.
  • The experience was able to reach two new audiences, children who didn't previously game, and parents who were unaware of age-appropriate educational gaming content.

Doc McStuffins

  • Disney Junior used a mobile activation called 'Doc's Mobile Clinic' to promote the premier of their animated TV series, "Doc McStuffins".
  • The mobile experience used a 27-foot trailer set up as a mock clinic that shows kids information about being healthy.
  • The trailer featured five stations that allowed kids to learn about 'check ups', nutrition, and fitness.
  • The activation was meant to impact children between ages two to seven years old, and featured cardboard cutout stethoscope and lab coat swag so children could continue the experience at home.

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