Internal Communications Strategy


Obtain examples and best practices of companies branding their internal communication channels or functions. Determine also the tools that manufacturing companies use to bridge the gap between their plant and office employees.

Early Findings

Internal Communications Strategy

Internal Communications Case Study


  • Pepsico is a massive company with more than 300,000 personnel worldwide.
  • The company found it challenging to communicate with its various business units globally.
  • The company developed a customizable and mobile-optimized intranet system.
  • The company used the LiveTiles tool to build the solution.
  • The tool has a "drag-and-drop function" that lets the company to deploy their key messages to the employees such as market news, company conversations, and other types of messages.

Communication Tools used by Manufacturing Companies

Dynamic Signal

  • The Dynamic Signal communications tool allows manufacturing companies to connect with their office employees as well as those personnel who are working in the production lines or in the field.
  • The tool enables these employees from various divisions to become more involved in the internal communication initiatives of the company.
  • The tool also provides a single platform that helps in enabling operational excellence as it helps the company to be more efficient in disseminating information across its internal organization.
  • Some of the successful results that were reported by the firms who are using the tool include 30% more time savings when doing communications preparation work and a 43% surge in visibility of employees who go through the content of the internal messages.
Proprietary Database Search Results
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Summary of Findings
Our initial research provided an example of a company that has deployed a strategy and a tool to position its internal communications process.
We also presented the Dynamic Signal tool, a solution similar to Social Chorus that enables manufacturing firms to bridge the gap between their plant and office employees.

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