Hotel Local Marketing


To gain understanding of marketing approaches used by hotels to attract local customers, which can inform marketing approaches for metropolitan hotel chains. An ideal response would answer three (3) research questions:

1. What are some marketing strategies currently in use to attract local residents to hotels?
2. What are some marketing strategies used to encourage persons from rural communities to stay in nearby metropolitan hotels?
3. What are some specific examples of hotels marketing to local communities?

Early Findings

Appealing to local customers can enhance the hotel's business by increasing word-of-mouth advertising and tapping in to additional markets. Multiple strategies are used by hotels to attract local customers. Some examples of these strategies are using hotel dining strategies, hosting events, encouraging "bleisure" activities, partnering with local tourism, using referral/loyalty programs, and reward programs.

Dining Strategies

  • Hotels can use hotel dining/restaurant options to attract local business.
  • Offering local seasonal foods during the harvest peak at hotel restaurants can attract local customers, which then exposes them to the hotel as well.
  • Offering a hotel dining menu specifically available to persons with local addresses, providing a perk for local patrons, is another strategy used in hotel marketing strategies.
  • The Broadmoor hotel in Colorado uses this strategy, such as offering regional cuisine "with a twist" and offering family-friendly activities along with dining, such as bowling.


  • Hosting events geared toward local residents can enhance hotel marketing strategies.
  • Hotels may host team building events and activity options specifically for local businesses to create repeat customers from the business attendees.
  • Some hotels have hosted book signing events or events featuring local "celebrities" tend to attract local customers.
  • Marriott hotels utilize this strategy by hosting Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, and more.

Summary of Initial Findings Related to the Research

  • The initial hour of research identified various marketing strategies used by hotels to attract local patrons. Specific information on the strategies of hotel dining strategies and event hosting was identified.
  • The initial hour of research did not address the strategies of encouraging "bleisure" activities, partnering with local tourism, using referral/loyalty programs, and reward programs, due to time constraints. This information was determined to be available for future research in these areas.
  • Research did not address strategies designed to encourage rural residents to utilize metropolitan hotels or specific case studies in the initial hour, though it appears some information exists in this area.

Research proposal:

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