Research Proposal

Emerging Border Security Technologies


To obtain 3-6 examples of specific technologies that are currently being piloted or may be rolled out in the next 5 years. These could either be how border agencies are using the technologies to confirm identity or how people are using technology to "spoof" or bypass current laws and regulations.

Early Findings

Emerging Technologies

  • The Department of Homeland Security sought to expand this technology to US citizens to enhance security.
  • Facial recognition technology is set to be implemented across all ports for every person entering or leaving the US. This was previously only mandatory for non-citizens.
  • They are on track to implement this technology across 20 airports by 2021.
  • After some push-back from The American Civil Liberties Union citing privacy concerns, they rolled back the implementation, allowing American citizens to opt out.
  • The USBP, United States Border Patrol is tasked with the responsibility of mitigating the illegal immigration of smugglers, undocumented immigrants, and other potential threats into the US.
  • In partnership with the Science and Technology Directorate of DHS, the USBP and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) delivered a multi-part solution.
  • This solution, Sign Cutting and Tracking Training solution, consisted of an Augmented Reality Sandtable (ARES) and night vision technology.
  • It implements "2-D and 3-D training videos, a 90-minute computer-based training course, night vision technology, and innovative commercial off-the-shelf augmented reality technologies that were scouted by S&T."
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