Top Mobile eCommerce Websites - D2C


To find well-rated, top examples of effective mobile ecommerce websites from D2C brands (NOT retailers), with a particular interest on UI and product filtering.

Early Findings

  • Awwwards has several examples of ecommerce websites that have won its Mobile Excellence Awards.
  • found some major brands with highly-rated mobile sites, such as Express, Nike, Threadless and LUSH.
  • Some common themes are large/clear images, ability to look through images without changing page, minimal clutter, CTAs and predictive search bars.
  • Hubspot also names Express in its top of all mobile websites. Shutterfly is another D2C that is included.
  • According to one expert, 90% of the top 50 ecommerce sites in the world hide their filters behind a button. Users then tap the button to open the filters. One consideration is button placement so it can be easily reached with the thumb.
  • The remaining 10% (except IKEA) place filters at the top with a button option to access more options.
  • Incorrectly-tagged products can have a negative experience on product filtering. On mobile, there is also the problem of too many attributes/values in the filter, which affects user experience.
  • Top websites should allow users to select multiple attributes and values when filtering. Also, sliders should be avoided as they are awkward on mobile.

Research proposal:

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