Research Outline

YTE Research Papers


To compile a series of research papers for five clinical trials. The first paper should be "The Effects of Powdered Fertilized Semi-Incubated Eggs On The Stress Response." A further four papers are required if the first paper is suitable. The contents should include most of the information in the Teloyouth paper and any other relevant information from other sources.

Early Findings


  • Background: This double-blind controlled study investigated the effect of a course of powder of fertilized eggs (Young Tissue Extract: YTE) had on the human stress response.
  • Methods: Participants were divided into a test group, who received YTE, and a control group, who received a placebo. The groups were then subdivided into a high chronic stress level group and a low-stress level group which were determined using the Trier Social Stress Test. The trial went on for four weeks.
  • Results: Little difference in general well being was observed between the control and test group. However, in subjects with high levels of chronic stress, an improvement in the psychological and endocrine stress response was observed.
  • Conclusions: Although further testing is required, the results suggest that through the normalization of the endocrine and subjective stress response, YTE selectively improves the stress response. The effect of YTE is greater in those with higher chronic stress levels.


  • We have begun to rewrite the first paper as requested. However, it should be noted that we have some concerns about this process; specifically, it may be in breach of the copyright or plagiarism.
  • Copyright generally prevents the work of others from being duplicated, disseminated, or appropriated by others without the creator's permission. There is a fair use exception that allows educational institutions to use up to 10% of the work for educational purposes. This exception would not apply to the current circumstances.
  • We acknowledge your instructions that the research is not to be duplicated; however, using the idea and rewriting it is likely to still fall within this definition.
  • To overcome this issue, the scope of the research needs to be broader, and it needs to be presented as an overview of the research in the area, incorporating relevant data from a range of other sources. It cannot predominantly be a rewrite of the paper provided. This is important as the clinical trial data belongs to the group who completed the clinical trial, so any use must reference this information. It cannot be used without this acknowledgment.
  • We suggest the best approach would be to provide an overview of all the research and clinical trials relating to the individual topics. The first being "The Effects of Powdered Fertilized Semi-Incubated Eggs On The Stress Response." This may mean the paper looks different from the example, but it will nonetheless be just as professional and could have a greater impact as it covers the research spectrum.