Research Outline

Executive Education Market Analysis


Identify the US AND Global overall market size in USD for the executive education sector, the spend per employee at fortune 500 firms within the market, the spend per employee overall in the market, the market size for the strategy segment in the executive education sector, and the marketing skills segment of the market. In addition, provide a breakdown of the overall market in revenue by topics (sales, leadership skills, strategy/marketing skills, etc.)

Early Findings

Global Executive Education Market Size

  • The global higher education market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% between 2020 and 2024 totaling $37.82 billion in growth during the forecast period.

United States Executive Education Market Size

Research Strategy

  • In order to determine the global and United States market size of the executive education market, we began our research by scouring public market databases such as Market Watch and Statista. Through this search, we were able to find a forecast market size for the United States and a paywalled report with details of the market including segments and key players, however, there were no values, CAGR, or percentages provided through the summary of the report that could be used to calculate a current market size or segment sizes. There were no precompiled reports stating the value of the global market. We then attempted to triangulate the global executive education market by finding the global education market size and percentage held by executive education. Through this search we found several reports for the online education market, however, we were only able to find reports on the overall market growth, not the actual value. In addition, there was no data publicly available through databases, media releases, or educational websites that provided the percentage of the market held by executive education. We, therefore, could not calculate the value and do not believe it to be available publicly.