Research Outline

Executive Employees at Luxury Hotels


To create a lead generation list by identifying people with the following titles at upscale hotels with multiple locations (but not huge chains): Head of Branding, Head of Marketing, Head of Guest Experience or Head of Sustainability. For each individual, complete the information on the attached spreadsheet.

Early Findings

All leads have been populated into the attached spreadsheet from row 36 to 39.

Brad Doell

  • Brad Doell is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel (Hawaii), part of Prince Hotels and Resorts.

James Parkinson

  • James Parkinson is the Director of Marketing at the Principal Hotel Company, owned by Principal, De Vere and Partner Hotels.

Kelly Dalton

  • Kelly Dalton is the Managing Director Corporate Communications and Brand Marketing at Best Western Hotels, part of Best Western Hotels and Resorts.

Erik Grazetti

  • Erik Grazetti is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Loews Chicago, part of Loews Hotels.

Summary of Early Findings Relevant to Goals

  • Our initial hour of research identified four additional executive employees in luxury hotels.
  • We are proposing the further research below. Please select one or more of the options provided in the proposed scoping section below.