Research Proposal

U.S. Allergy Clinics


The goals of this research are to identify (1) allergy clinics or allergists in Flordia, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey (and provided the specified information in the spreadsheet), (2) two or three smaller states that have populations in which many people have environmental allergies, but there's a lack of allergy clinics or allergists, and (3) allergy clinics or allergists in those two or three smaller states. This information will be used as a landscape of allergy clinics/allergists in those states.

Early Findings

  • This link is to the spreadsheet in which the requested details about the allergy clinics/allergists is to be provided (and in which we already provided that information for the two clinics identified below).
  • Allergy & Asthma Specialists of South Florida is an allergy clinic located in Wellington, Florida.
  • Allergy Associates of Sarasota & Venice is an allergy clinic with one doctor practicing in the group.
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