Research Outline

Home Inspectors - US


Provide information on the current state of home inspectors in the US.
  • Identify the number of home inspections performed in the US each year.
  • Find the total number of active home inspectors in the US.
  • Locate a survey(s) that explains how people find a home inspector, if they are satisfied with both the process and the inspector, and if they would trust a website that helped them to find a local inspector.
  • Locate a survey or data that indicates if a buying decision was affected by the home inspection results.
  • Identify the criteria used by a homebuyer to determine if an inspector meets their needs.
  • Find the average cost of a home inspection as well as a high/low range.
  • Find the competitors in the space that aggregate home inspectors. This might include websites such as Thumbtack and Angie's List (Angi).