Research Outline

World Economic Forum Competitive Index


To extract details for the World Economic Forum Competitive Index. This will include details for the indicators (indicator, name, description, and source). The spreadsheet will help with evaluating the index and finding sources. The information will be obtained from 2019's Global Competitive Report.

Early Findings

  • We have populated this spreadsheet with details of the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Index. For each indicator, we have included the name, description, and source(s). Due to the time constraint, we included a maximum of five indicators for each pillar (where available). Each pillar is in its own google sheet, with a total of twelve pillars.
  • These are:
    • Pillar 1: Institutions
    • Pillar 2: Infrastructure
    • Pillar 3: ICT adoption
    • Pillar 4: Macroeconomic stability
    • Pillar 5: Health
    • Pillar 6: Skills
    • Pillar 7: Product market
    • Pillar 8: Labour market
    • Pillar 9: Financial system
    • Pillar 10: Market size
    • Pillar 11: Business dynamism
    • Pillar 12: Innovation capability