Research Proposal

Analysis of EY’s Services


To provide a detailed analysis of EY's Transaction Advisory, Advisory and Parthenon services. The insights should be focused on the company's clientele, its projects, its position within the industry, and how EY's management consulting stack up against the Big 3 (MBB) and the Big 4's management consulting services.

Early Findings

  • In the transaction advisory service line, EY helps its large clients to manage and execute their high-profile transactions.
  • The globally integrated team of EY provides this service along five specific sub-service lines, which are as follows: corporate finance strategy, mergers and acquisitions, operational transaction services, transaction support and valuation and business modeling
  • EY’s advisory services helps its clients across a diverse range of operational areas. Some of these areas are: customer experience and customer engagement, strategy, risk, analytics, supply chain, etc.
  • Royal Caribbean is one of EY’s advisory clients. EY helped the company to realize its objective of offering guests a fully integrated shore-to-ship digital experience.
  • EY advisory services also served a championship-winning basketball team to design and develop a suite of digital solutions that would bring fans closer to the action while maximizing attendance levels and revenue opportunities.
  • EY’s Parthenon is a strategic service aimed at aligning unconventional yet pragmatic thinking together with clients’ objectives to deliver actionable strategies for real impact in today’s complex business landscape.
  • The clients of EY’s Parthenon include Global 1000 corporations, as well as high-potential growth companies, private equity clients, health care and education clients, and nonprofit groups.
  • EY is the third largest among the BIG 4 (Deloitte, PWC, EY and KPMG), in terms of revenue. EY earned revenue of 31.4 BN US$ in 2017. Deloitte topped the list with a revenue of US$38.8 BN, followed by PWC’s revenue US$37.68 BN.
  • KPMG had earned revenue of US$26.4 BN in 2017.
  • Like PwC, EY is also focused on audit, with over 39% of its revenues coming from its assurance service line.
  • EY, having maintained significant long term relationships with many of its large clients, is often considered a mini-PwC.
  • However, EY employs more people (230,800) than PwC (223,000).
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