Research Outline

Omni-Channel - Case Studies


Case studies of banks that are successfully using omnichannel to maintain a personal relationship with customers.

Early Findings


  • Bank of America is dedicated to omni-channel development. Through its mobile app, customers can pay bills, manage appointments, deposit checks, and make card requests among others.
  • The company leverages data collected through its customer's journey to crate a "seamless, personalized experience that builds value, improves satisfaction and reduces costs."
  • The bank now has robo-branches. While the initiative was implemented to reduce costs, it provides customers with "technology that’s powerful and intuitive enough for them to do much of their simple, everyday banking tasks."


  • To make its banking services easier to access, Chase Bank now allows its customers to make ATM withdrawals without their debit card. They simply use the "bank’s mobile app and tap the Cardless‘ symbol on the ATM with their smartphone."
  • The bank's app made it "the first large bank to adopt Touch ID for customers." The app allows users to make payments and perform several other banking functions.
  • Chase also redesigns its website often. It recently consolidated the "300 pages from the old site in a manner that negates the need for users to have to frustratingly hunt around to find the info they need to get things done." The redesigned website has a newsfeed section for visitors to access articles about finance.
  • Chase took its digital transformation initiative to the next level by opening a technology hub.