Research Outline

Facebook Ads - Budget Scaling


To find information on how much one can scale a Facebook Ad budget in relation to the number of people in the target audience once they have specific metrics to be used to inform Facebook Ad spend.

Early Findings

Ways to Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns

1. Boost spending on the Facebook audience segments that are more profitable
  • Some sections of the targeted audience generate more profit than others. Thus, a business should identify the customer segments that are more profitable using the Facebook ads breakdown feature and invest more spending on them.
2. Horizontal Scaling
  • Replicate the winning Facebook Ads, and use them for different target audiences. The business could pick out the Facebook ads that did well for them and brought more profits, edit the ads with the new advertisement data sets, and reuse the ads targeting a different audience.
3. Rotate multiple offers in one Facebook Adverts.
  • Create various offers that can rotate in one advert campaign. An insurance company included two proposals in an Ad campaign on Facebook, and it generated above 600,000 new leads, translating to $1.7 million recurring insurance premiums.

Some Insights

  • Facebook ads have an average conversion rate of 9.21% across all industries.
  • The average CPC for Facebook advertisement is $1.72 across all industries, according to WordStream.
After conducting the initial one-hour research, we were able to find information on three ways to scale Facebook Ad campaigns.