Research Outline

Fashion Photography and Online Fashion Distributors


To provide an overview of how the fashion photography market relates to the biggest online fashion distributors, such as Amazon, Farfetch, Netaporter and Yoox, in order to understand the fashion photography market.

Early Findings

None of these companies provide photography budgets or spending that is publicly accessible. Information on any photography teams that they have is also hard to find and mostly out-of-date. However, we were able to find job listing which allows us to establish the existence in-house photography teams. Through Netaporter's online magazine, we were also able to find a number of photographers and studios they work with.


  • Amazon photos are uploaded by the seller, so research into this area has to be into these specific brands rather than through amazon.
  • Amazon will photograph FBA products for sellers. Pricing is from $50 for a simple product to $150 for fashion images requiring a model.


  • Netaporter launches an online magazine, Porter. It features fashion articles shot by separate studios, such as Lucas Flores Piran. Other articles use images sourced via Getty Images, photographed by individuals such as Ron Galella.
  • Other companies that have been credited in articles in Porter include Imaxtree and individuals such as Brendan Freeman.
  • Getty Images prices images from £125 to £375 per download. This means an article with five images, such as the one found above, could cost from £625 to £1875.
  • Netaporter has their own photography team and studio where they take photos of their products.
  • Netaporter outputs two original films a week and features one thousand products in their photos and articles each week.
  • Netaporter refuse to be specific about the editorial's budget, but they have stated they have an in-house team of six writers, editors, designers and photo editors as well as using freelance photographers.


  • Farfetch hires freelance photographers to shoot for their online catalog.
  • Farfetch also has a photography team that work in a creative production studio that photograph products (both Still and On-Model) for their online catalog.


  • Yoox has a photography team responsible for shooting their products. A Junior Photographer working on this team is estimated to have a salary of $48,000.
  • Yoox had sixty photographers in June 2014.