Research Outline

Leading Fashion Brands - Promoting Their Brands


To identify 2-3 case studies of leading fashion brands (such as Gucci, Burberry, and Chanel) that have had success on their social media efforts (primarily on Instagram) in promoting their brands.

Early Findings

Gucci: Instagram Marketing

Social Media Marketing Efforts:
  • Luxury fashion brands use several channels for marketing to the higher end market. Social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram, are widely used among luxury fashion brands. Gucci, the luxury fashion giant, has been using social media platforms extensively "to showcase their products and to build stronger relationships with their audience." Their main focus is on promoting fashion products and engaging followers.
  • Instagram is the favorite playground of Gucci, which has a very large band of followers on the platform.
  • With more than 33 million Instagram followers, Gucci "uses the platform for brand promotion as well as user engagement. It has also achieved a very nice level of user engagement on Instagram. Apart from promoting its products, the brand also posts images and videos from important events to keep its followers informed and engaged."
Success Metrics: