Research Outline

Fast Growing Software Development Sectors


The countries with the fastest growing software development sectors, as well as, the market size or number of software developers entering the job market in each country. The focus is on South East Asian countries.

Early Findings

  • The fastest growing software development markets worldwide are Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Specific countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific that have rapidly growing promising software development sectors include China, Germany, the UK, Poland, Russia, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  • India, one of the most promising software development market in South East Asia, is expected to have a software market size of "$6.1 billion by the end of 2019." India is now "one of the largest global [software and IT] outsourcing destination across the globe with a 55% market share."
  • In 2017, the Philippines had a software market size of $3 billion and is predicted to reach $7 billion by 2020.
  • In Vietnam, the market size for software and IT services is about $3 billion.