Feature Rankings


To determine a score for traits and features of several software programs.

Early Findings

Using the provided scoring system, an analysis has been made of traits and features for Microsoft project. Analysis of user reviews provided the scores based on the following:
  • For Traits: Scale of -4 to 4, with 0 being the middle
  • For Features: NA — Not Applicable; 0 — does not support the feature; 1 — supports the feature in a below average way ; 2 — Supports the feature; 3 — supports the feature above average


  • During the initial research, scores have been applied to traits and features in columns D-T by collecting data from published user reviews.
  • The scores have been applied in row 4 of the attached spreadsheet.
  • The initial analysis provides that no more than 1 software can be assessed in the span of one research block.

Proposed next steps:

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