Research Outline

Film and Game Producers


To determine a list independent video game producers who are developing new projects, and might be looking for music and audio production services.

Early Findings

Game in Development: Carrion

  • "Carrion is a reverse horror game that puts the player in control of a deadly amorphous creature that appears to have broken free inside of a military bunker. It appears to follow a Metroidvania format, with the creature being able to reach new areas as it consumes more humans and grows more powerful."
  • Developer: Phobia Game Studio ("indie gamedev studio created by people working previously on BUTCHER - a gory 2D twin-stick shooter published by Transhuman Design")
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital ("American video game publisher based in Austin, Texas, specializing in the publishing of indie games")

Game in Development: Moving Out

  • "Moving Out is an action sim with an emphasis on cooperative play".
  • Developer: SMG Studio ("dedicated to producing games with original and licensed IP for mobile, desktop & consoles with studios in Sydney and Melbourne Australia and Los Angeles in the US")
  • Publisher: SMG Studio

Game in Development: Fall Guys

Game in Development: Sable

  • Sable is "described as a “coming-of-age tale of discovery,” the game sees you controlling the titular protagonist as they embark on a personal journey across an alien planet learning about its history and their own place in the world".
  • Developer: Shed Works
  • Publisher: Raw Fury ("Swedish video game publisher, specializing in the publication of indie games, based in Stockholm")

Game in Development: Silksong

  • "Silksong was initially conceived as DLC for Hollow Knight but proved to be too ambitious", thus has gained a stand-alone title.
  • Developer: Team Cherry ("an indie games developer in Adelaide, South Australia with a mission to build crazy, exciting worlds to explore and conquer")
  • Publisher: Team Cherry