Research Outline

Financial Institutions Marketing Spend


To obtain the marketing spend of financial institutions, including their total spend by brand (parent/brand variant) and by channel for 2018, 2019, and 2020 (Year Till Date), the SOV of each brand by year for each market compared to the entire financial category in each market (include the Methodology that AskWonder's tool(s) employ to pull this data). For the SOV, we will provide the SOV of a brand in a market vs. the total financial category spend in that market (E.g., JPMorgan Chase Germany spends $x in advertising, the total financial services ad spend in Germany is $x, therefore, JPMC $ / financial services $ = x % SOV).

Early Findings

JPMorgan Chase


Due to lack of time, we have focused our initial hour of search on JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley also conducted a pre-search on the rest of the brands. We have singled out JPMorgan Chase to describe the steps we have followed in a bid to obtain the needed information.
Having searched through the different sourcing available to us, including the company's annual report/Form 10-K, news publications and articles from marketing experts such as Media Radar, Statista, and EMI Boston and from the company, and the company's profile across business directory sources such as Dun and Bradstreet, Crunchbase, and, we were unable to find any source with the direct marketing spend of JPMorgan Chase across different regions such as the UK, France, Germany, and Poland or across different channels such as traditional or digital channels. The company's annual report only provided insight into the total ad spend by the company.

As a result of the lack of regional data about some of the companies listed, we propose a triangulation in order to obtain a feasible estimate as a substitute for the company's actual ad spend.
To achieve this, we will assume that for big corporations;
The percentage of the ad budget spent by the company on advertising across the UK, France, Germany, and Poland for the different years is equal to the percentage of the company's total revenue generated by those regions. For example, if JPMorgan Chase UK generates X% of the company's total annual revenue, then the company also spends X% of its advertising budget on the UK.
Applying the above assumption, we can triangulate an estimate for the ad spend for the different companies listed and also, an estimate for the Share of Voice (SOV) for the brands.