Generation Z Spending Habits


To find out about the habits and financial intentions of Gen Z.

Early Findings

Are they savers or spenders?

  • A Nielsen study found that 32% of Gen Z set money aside in savings and felt confident about it.
  • 71% of Gen Z respondents to a survey claimed that saving for the future was a priority.

What are they spending on?

  • Their spending power is around $200 billion.
  • They like to spend their money on food and eating out with a study showing that 24% of their spending was on eating out.
  • Gen Z women like to shop for beauty products, hair care and quality makeup rather than clothes.

Does brand loyalty increase when a company/brand has sustainability goals?

  • Gen Z have a low loyalty to brands with only 16% shopping at a single store for clothing.
  • 60% of Gen Z expect brands to be socially responsible to earn their custom.

Home Ownership

  • 86% of Gen Z want to own a home and 54% think that student debt is an obstacle.

Are they deep in student loan debt?

  • 74% of Gen Z graduate will graduate with student loans debts.
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