Research Outline

Financing Services for Professional Training


To identify 3-5 companies that provide financing services for professional training courses.

Early Findings

  • Many students finance their further education, including professional development courses, by using private loans through regular banks. Some of these providers include PNC, Wells Fargo, local credit unions, SunTrust and Discover.
  • Furthermore, we checked institutions that offer payment plans to see if they named their provider. Several did not.
  • Cashnet offers partnerships with educational institutions to help implement payment plans.
  • The Cashnet website gives very little information, but it does imply that Cashnet does not themselves provide any financing, merely a portal for payments.
  • Overall, it appears the vast majority of professional training providers offer financing or payment plans themselves, rather than partnering with an external provider.
  • If a provider does not offer in-house financing, then the other option is took seek private loans through a financial provider or even a personal credit card.