Latin American Defense Websites


To find 30 websites or news sources for naval and underwater defense news. Alternatively, 30 Twitter accounts with the same.

Early Findings

  • Info Especial is a Spanish-language defense news website. One of its major sections is Latin America, broken into country-specific news.
  • Maquina de Combate is an international Spanish-language defense industry website. It has plenty of news on Latin America.
  • Jorge Medellin, one of Defensa's correspondents, has a Twitter account where he posts a variety of defense industry content.
  • Ejercitos has a website and Twitter account dedicated to Spanish-language defense news. They have a section on their website dedicated to Latin America. It also is a print publication.
  • Fuerzas de Defensa Argentina is the unofficial Facebook page for the Argentinian armed forces. It contains news and information about various branches, including naval

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