Research Outline

Drive Traffic


To obtain the best ways to attract people/drive traffic.

Early Findings

Driving Traffic to a Website

  • When analyzing one's website, it is of paramount importance that one understands where the traffic is coming from. Driving traffic to one's website can either be free or paid. In the free options, one can utilize features such as SEOs, blogs, and social media accounts. Another way to drive traffic is by using ads. Paid ads can play a key role in driving traffic, but this option could become costly.
  • Additional free options include writing great content, answering questions on sites such as Quora, being social on social media, tutorials on YouTube, utilizing email marketing, ensure that the website can be used on mobile, among others.

Driving Traffic from Instagram to a Website

  • The following are measures that have been proven to work in attracting traffic to products/websites from Instagram. By focusing on branding, users on Instagram will be able to know what the brand is about at first glance. The clearer the branding, the better the results.
  • Another pointer to consider is focusing on the number of followers. Increasing the follower count could be done with the help of media companies such as Jumper Media. Another tactic that has been proven to work is collaborating with influencers. These individuals share personalized content which plays a great role in driving traffic to one's website.

Increasing Instagram Follower Count

  • In order to drive traffic to an Instagram account, the tactics that have been proven to work include posting consistently or daily, posting videos, going live, posting stories, collaborating with others, posting at the best time of the day, engaging with fans/followers, cross-posting across other social media platforms, utilizing analytics, among others.

Leading Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook and Instagram have the highest number of active users on social media: 2.38 billion and 1 billion, respectively. According to a survey of marketers, 74% say that Facebook as their primary social media platform in their brand's social strategy, and 65% say that they will intensify their use of Instagram in their strategy.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial one-hour research focused on providing insights into how brands can attract people to their website/social media accounts/pages.
  • The research paths outlined below will provide additional insights and present a comprehensive report.