Research Outline

Corelogic RpData and APM Pricefinder- Property Data Sources


To obtain information on data sources for Corelogic RpData and APM Pricefinder, in order to identify alternate options on gathering Australian property data.

Early Findings

Through our preliminary research, we have obtained the following information about the data sources for Corelogic RpData and APM Pricefinder:

Corelogic RpData

  • According to the 2018 Annual Report, Corelogic obtain their data from various public sources, from clients as well as from data aggregators.
  • The company has mentioned the names of Western Australia Land Information Authority (Landgate) and State of Queensland (Qld Authority) as their suppliers under their terms and conditions.
  • Under the third party restrictions page, they have provided a list of data source names along with their links and copyright notice. Most of these sources are state and national government websites along with spatial technology company like GeoMatic technologies.
  • Corelogic mentions in their annual report that client contributed data "includes loan performance information (from loan servicers, trustees, securitizers, issuers and others), appraisal information, information regarding property rental and under-banked loan applications .."
  • The company also collect data through property listing and tenant/landlord rental information from Boards of Realtors, real estate agents, landlords, and owners of multi-tenant properties.

APM Pricefinder

  • Under its terms and conditions, the company mentions the following sources- New South Wales Land and Property Information, State of Victoria, State of Queensland, Government of the State of South Australia and few other government authorities.
  • APM Pricefinder comes under Domian Group, a leading Australian digital property portal, founded by Fairfax Media. Thus, they collect data from Domain and other Fairfax publications.

Additional Information

  • This article provides an interesting insight on how property portals work and obtain information.