Research Proposal

Company Deals


To provide a list of deals done by the following companies in the last 3 years, ASI Security, Bechtel, G4S, Global Grab, Kiewit, OSI Systems, Yates Construction LLC, to provide information for a presentation

Early Findings


In September of 2019, Bechtel partnered with company Chenier Energy to provide the train for the Corpus Christi Liquefaction project.

Bechtel also provided services for Australia's Public Transporation Department in September 2019 to provide five boring machines to carve underground railway tunnels.

Bechtel was hired by the U.S. Department of Energy to provide a control facility to treat radioactive waste at the Hanford Site in Washington.

In 2019, Bechtel also partnered with the U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Côte d’Ivoire to focus on national infrastructure planning.

Bechtel made a deal to provide design for NASA's mobile launcher for their heavy-lift rocket in June 2019.


G4S made a deal with the Scottish government to provide electronic monitoring services across Scotland.

G4S also made a deal to provide enhanced security officers at the UK's nuclear power station, Hinkley Point C.

Glenmorangie launched a deal with G4S in 2019 to provide security solutions to its whiskey and production facilities.

The TT races on the Isle of Man use G4S for security services to keep the public, riders and spectators safe.

G4S is also providing Greece's Rhodes Port Authority with a security technology programme to meet the International Ship and Port Facility Security Codes.

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