20 Fractional CFOs


To find email addresses for a total of 20 fractional chief financial officers who report having raised at last $50 million throughout their careers for B2B software companies in order to prepare for an upcoming project. Fractional is to be defined as those who provide services to organizations in a part-time, retainer, or contractual arrangement.

Early Findings

  • Burt Copeland is a fractional CFO working in the Dallas Fort/Worth area who specializes in transformational finance and operations, cash flow optimization, and company turnarounds. His email address is consult_request@newlifecfo.com. Copeland is the CEO of a leading fictional CFO entrepreneurship firm that represents $100M under management. The firm is called New Life CFO.
  • Services that assist in identifying fractional CFOs include The Fractional CFO, Paro, Driven Insights, Preferred CFO, and CFOshare.
  • Tips for using a fractional CFO to your advantage include using one to design the entire accounting process, overhauling the reporting system, coaching newer CEO’s and owners, replacing technology platforms, and raising capital.
  • The spreadsheet for the project is available here.

Research proposal:

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