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Corporate Banking Digital Channels


To learn more about multi-bank connectivity channels by researching examples of corporate banking digital channels and platforms/solutions that allow multi-activity solutions.

Early Findings

  • A "fully integrated banking connectivity" can provide insights into where cash is going, enhanced security, improving cost controls, and meshing cash with workflows.
  • Finastra specializes in corporate banking and recently created Fusion Corporate Channels that is a digital channel for corporate banking and an open API-driven platform. Finastra caters more to the bank industry as the digital channel allows banks to "enhance efficiency and corporate client relationships." However, they do offer multi-bank connectivity as well.
  • Kyriba is a cloud treasury and finance solutions company that connects you to 632 banks globally and 97,000 bank accounts. They offer a wide variety of comprehensive "connectivity options" that include bank statement reporting, payments, and trade portals. They also offer SaaS solutions for managing connectivity (i.e., onboard and monitor banks).
  • Fides manages multi-banking through three different services: ERP, TMS, or direct connections. They have a network of over 10,000 banks that a customer can connect to through their own platform or through Fides's platform for reporting, cash pooling, or managing. Clients can connect to SWIFT or H2H through Fides's platform.
  • AccessPay provides low cost connectivity to SWIFT and other multi-banking relationships. AccessPay features an integration platform that standardizes financial statements, single bank "agnostic connection," ensures global compliance with financial regulations, and secure digital authentication. Some companies that have used AccessPay include Zeiss, IATA, and Stena Line.

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