DEI Survey Templates


To determine 5 - 7 survey templates to measure DEI at the workplace, providing a description of how it is developed, how it is used, the topics covered, and it's accessibility.

Early Findings

  • Inclusion promotes a culture where employees feel empowered, welcome, and respected.
  • A survey conducted by Paradigm and Survey Monkey, where 843 employees in America were surveyed showed that 32% of employees felt their opinion was not valued, 60% indicated that their compensation was fair at work. For each case, the percentage of underrepresented communities like women and blacks were lower.

Survey Monkey Template

  • Survey Monkey provides templates that can be used to survey diversity and inclusion.
  • In the diversity template, the questions asked include gender, race, and religion, among others. It takes an average of 3 minutes to complete the survey which comprises 14 questions.
  • The survey templates are customizable and are available on a subscription basis. Survey Monkey has 3 plans; Team Advantage which costs $25 a month, Team Premier which costs $75 a month, and Enterprise which requires one to contact the organization to get a quote. The billing for the packages is done annually, and each account can be used by multiple users starting at three users.
  • The survey template for inclusion is designed to focus on the three components of inclusion; growth mindset, objectivity, and sense of belonging.

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)) Diversity Survey

  • SHRM has an open-to-use DEI survey template on its official website. The template can be copied and customized as an organization wishes. The SHRM survey template has questions to test employee's attitude towards the company, if the company encourages diversity, inclusion in management styles, if the company respects and values individuals and their differences, the company's DEI initiatives, and views on discrimination among others.
  • The DEI survey template has 31 questions in total, divided into 10 sections; company's attitude towards diversity, corporate culture, discrimination, hiring and recruitment, career development, employee's role, policies and procedures, interaction, employee's immediate supervisors, and the company's diversity training program.

Research Summary

We conducted the initial one-hour research to find some available DEI survey templates are we were able to provide two examples from Survey Monkey and SHRM with information on how they can be accessed, how they are structured, and how they can be used at the workplace. Because of time constraints, we could not provide all the requested 5 - 7 template examples.

Research proposal:

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