Research Proposal

Factory-Built Housing Regulations


To obtain the regulations related to building factory-built house in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. The details should include licensing and registration regulations for manufacturing facilities; items required in quality manual; documents required for design review; certification inspection requirements; and ongoing inspection requirements.

Early Findings


  • This document provides an overview of the state's requirements regarding factory-built buildings (FBB).
  • Of note, there are no requirements for where the FBBs are built.


  • Manufacturers of factory-built homes must get licensed through the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH). There are three licenses offered.
  • The M-9A Manufacturers of Factory-Built Buildings and FBB Subassemblies class license costs $10,000 and covers firms that "manufactures factory-built buildings and FBB subassemblies. Reconstructs factory-built buildings and FBB subassemblies."
  • The M-9C Manufacturer of Manufactured Homes class license costs $65,000 and covers firms that "manufactures manufactured homes. Reconstructs manufactured homes."
  • The M-9E Master Manufacturer class license covers firms that do work encompassed by both M-9A and M-9C. This license costs $100,000.
  • In all cases, these licenses only allow for units to be sold to licensed dealers/retailers. If a company wants to sell directly to consumers, a dealer/retailer license would also need to be obtained.
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