Research Outline

EdTech Investments 2018-2020


To identify all the investments in EdTech in the last two years to inform investment funding. A list of the key investors and their email information is the ideal outcome.

Early Findings

Top EdTech Investors

  • It was reported in 2018 that EdTech investments had peaked again, with $1.85 billion raised. This was lead primarily by venture capitalists and private equity investors. This was up from $1.2 billion in 2017.
  • The 2018 funding by round saw a total of 45 deals completed for $110.4 million in Angel & Seed, $156.8 million over 24 deals in Series A, $297 million over 14 deals in Series B, 4537.2 million over 15 deals in Series C+, and other funding of $274.9 million over 14 deals.
  • A spreadsheet is attached containing a summary of the information and a sample of the information that can be provided.


  • In our initial hour of research, we have scoped the publicly available information to determine the viability of the project, relative to the overall research goal. The number of EdTech investments in 2018 has been identified, and the relevant details of each deal has begun to be identified. Additional information could be included if required (although it may impact the overall scoping of the project)-
  • We have also created a template in the form of a Google spreadsheet to present the information. A sample of some of the data, we are able to identify is also included. We suggest the following steps to meet research goals.