Kameda Seika Company Overview


To obtain an overview and understanding of Kameda Seika Company by determining the company's profile including its history, leadership, products, locations, subsidiaries, reputation, and global front.

Early Findings

Company Overview

  • Kameda Seika is a Japan-based company that mainly manufactures and sells rice crackers and snacks with a full 30% market share in the domestic rice cracker market in the country.
  • The company’s headquarters are in Kameda Kogyo-Danchi, Konan-Ku, Niigata, Japan.
  • Intending to become a global food company, Kameda has established a total of 14 subsidiaries across various countries in the world, including Kameda USA inc, Mary's Cone Crackers Inc, and TH Foods Inc in the US, Qingdao Kameda Foods Co Ltd in China, Lyly Kameda Co Ltd in Cambodia, and Daawat Kameda (India) Private Limited in India. A complete list of the company’s subsidiaries can be found here.
  • Kameda was founded in 1946 with the first processing plant being established on the current Motomachi facility. It currently has seven branches in Japan, including Sendai, Osaka, and Fukuoka and 21 bases.
  • The company has an estimated revenue of JPY 100 billion ($ 896M), as of March 2019, and 3,197 employees.
  • Michiyasu Tanaka is the company’s CEO and chairman of the board while Isamu Sato serves as the president and COO.
  • Some popular brands sold by Kameda are Kameda no Kaki no Tane (marketed in the US as Kameda Crisps), Tsumami Dane, and Usuyaki.
  • Kameda received press coverage in August 2019 for venturing into the Muslim halal food market where, through its subsidiary Onishi Foods, the company targeted the growing Muslim population resulting from tourism and immigration.

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