Find minimum zoning requirements for kitchens of single family homes. (Not accessory dwelling units)


To find the minimum zoning requirements for kitchens of single family homes in California for the cities indicated in the attached spreadsheet. Measurements to locate are square footage, sink size, refrigerator size.

Early Findings

The zoning requirements have been compiled in the attached spreadsheet.

Agoura Hills

  • State law requires that all cities and counties in California enforce the building codes as mandated by the California Building Standards Commission. The City of Agoura Hills has adopted by ordinance the following model codes: 2016 California Building Code . When looking up the 2016 California Building Code, the 2019 updated version was located and used.
  • Section R304- R304.1 & 304.2 Minimum Room Areas- Habitable floor areas shall not have an area of less than 70 sq. ft and not be less than 7 feet in any horizontal dimension. The exception is kittens. There is no minimum square footage or dimensions set for kitchens.
  • Section 306.2- Each kitchen will be provided with a sink.
  • There is no mention of a refrigerator.

Big Bear Lake

  • Big Bear Lake has additional rules in addition to the state rules. Upon inspection, these rules were for every type of housing besides single family dwellings. This block of research did not provide enough time to locate specific rules for single family dwellings.

Results of Iniital Research

  • The majority of this first block of research was spent locating the best research path for accurate information. At this point it seems the research may be more a process of elimination to see if there are additional requirements at the county or city level besides the state requirements.
  • The Municode Library was used to locate information for Agoura Hills and Big Bear Lake. This proved to be an extremely slow process as the site was loading very slowly and timing out occasionally. Therefore, we were only able to completely locate information for Agoura.
  • Additionally, it seems that each city or county will need to be researched in a two pronged manner. The municipal codes form the Municode Library will need to be researched, as well as researching the city or county government website for additional regulations.

Research proposal:

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