Research Outline

Modern Cloud-Based Global Print and Delivery Fulfillment Providers


To identify modern and easy to use cloud-based global print and delivery fulfillment providers.

Early Findings

Cloud Fulfilment

  • Based in the UK, Cloud Fulfilment is a cloud-based order fulfillment platform that helps organizations track their stock, warehouse, and order management.


  • The Cin7 platform is ideal for omnichannel wholesalers, importers, retailers, and light-manufacturers based in the US. Cin7 provides a single platform that allows users to cut costs even as they expand into new markets and add sales.


  • Infoplus is a US-based platform that provides a stable yet easy to use services for inventory management, warehouse, 3PL warehouses, and shipping.


  • Orderhive is a US-based e-commerce software that accelerates order fulfillment simply by processing and supercharging the picking and packing process of a warehouse. As a warehouse management tool, Orderhive comes with barcode and RFID scanning to help locate items in a warehouse's actual location.

Ecount ERP

  • Ecount ERP is an American cloud-based enterprise management tool that focuses on inventory management, production, payroll, sales, accounting, purchasing, and logistics.