Research Outline

Revenue Segmentation for the Medical Logistics Packaging Industry


To determine or, if exact figures are not available in the public domain, triangulate the segmentation and revenue by segment of the healthcare packaging industry; specifically, for the segment(s) which would be served by a small, battery-powered cooler designed to provide temperature control, tracking, chain-of-custody, and security (see the attached PDF). Possible segments include transport solutions for big Pharma, compounding pharmacies, home infusion, insulin delivery, biological therapies, blood products, organ transport, clinical specimens, biobanks, and clinical trials.

Early Findings

Our initial research, guided by the attached sample PDF, indicates that the "medical logistics packaging industry" is more often simply called the medical packaging or healthcare packaging industry. Logistics refers to the mode of transportation (sea, air, etc.), storage, and monitoring products and does not match the example given in the sample PDF.

  • The global healthcare packaging market was valued at $117.36 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.35% through 2025.
  • North America has the largest share of the market at 46%.
  • Mordor Intelligence segments the market as follows:
    • By End-User Vertical (Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices)
    • By Product Type (Bottles & Containers , Vials and Ampoules , Cartridges & Syringes , Pouch & Bags , Blister Packs , Tubes , Paper Board Boxes , Caps & Closures , Labels , and Other Product Types)
    • By Material (Glass , Plastic , and Other Materials (Paper and Metal))
  • Market Research Future segments the industry similarly:
    • Material: sterilization, tyvek, foam, molded fiber, fabrics, plastics, films, adhesives, and others.
    • Type: containers, pouches, trays, blister packets, clamshell packs, vials, and others.
    • Application: medical, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, plastic industries, chemicals and research, and others.
    • End User: hospitals, clinics, medical and research centers, forensic departments, and others.
  • While other market reports are available (example), they lack sufficient information in their public abstracts to contribute to our initial research.
  • However, a related industry may be more relevant to the intent behind the project criteria: The global cold-chain packaging market, which encompasses both medical and non-medical cold packaging (e.g., food), was valued at $132.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.35% over the next five years to reach $346.3 billion by 2025.