Turkey Franchise Information


Provide an understanding of where information on a franchise's license end date could be found in Turkey, in order to compete with a current franchiser in the business intelligence space

Early Findings

To establish a company of any kind in Turkey, one must register with Trade Registry Offices located in the Chambers of Commerce.

Commercial companies fall into three categories; Joint Stock Company (JSC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Cooperative Company. Franchise companies fall under JSC or LLC, depending on structure.

MERSIS is Turkey’s central information system, where all commercial registration and data is stored and where business registration numbers are issued, so the company or trademark overseeing the franchise would likely be registered with this entity.
There are however, no specific laws governing franchise agreements in Turkey, and individual franchisers are not required to be registered with a professional or regulatory body before setting up a franchise.

Franchise businesses established in Turkey fall into two categories, either distribution of product or services of another company or independently selling goods or services under a franchiser trademark.

While there are no specific registration requirements for franchises, Turkey Code of Commerce does order that any amendments for trade are published in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, which could include franchise information.

A company name search at the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette can be found here.

The Turkish Trade Registry Gazette can also be reached for inquiries here.

Turkish franchises may also be registered members of the optional National Franchise Association.

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