Data Engineers at Fortune 2000 Companies


To understand the ratio of data engineers to total employees at individual Fortune 2000 companies.

Early Findings

Fortune 2000 Companies

  • A publicly available list of Fortune 2000 companies was not found readily available.
  • A list of Fortune 1000 companies is linked here.
  • The Forbes Global 2000 (the largest public companies in the world) is linked here.
  • Walmart, Exxon Mobil, and General Motors are listed on the Fortune 1000 list.

Total Employees

Data Engineers

  • Aside from 'data engineer' individuals working in this area may also have job titles such as big data engineer, business intelligence engineer, machine learning engineer, computer vision engineer, data architect, hadoop developer, BI developer, quantitative data engineer, search engineer, technical architect, big data analyst, solutions architect, data warehouse engineer, data science software engineer, ETL developer, and others.
  • Walmart: According to LinkedIn, there are around 1,993 individuals currently employed at Walmart as a data engineer (or a related title).
  • Exxon Mobil: According to LinkedIn, there are around 3,909 individuals currently employed at Exxon as a data engineer (or a related title).
  • General Motors: According to LinkedIn, there are around 7,246 individuals currently employed at Exxon as a data engineer (or a related title).

Results of Early Findings

  • We were able to locate lists of companies on the Fortune 1000 and Forbes Global 2000 lists.
  • Taking a small sampling of companies on these lists, we were able to locate the total employee count for each company, as this information is often readily available.
  • Locating the number of data engineers at each company proved to be a bit more challenging, as overall, there doesn't appear to be any publicly available information that directly answers this part of the request.
  • Despite this lack of information, we were able to use LinkedIn's search feature to isolate a list of people who currently work at the aforementioned companies and have the title of 'data engineer' or a related title. LinkedIn's search feature proved to be quite useful for this purpose, as the search feature is intelligent enough to know to include alternative titles to 'data engineer' (e.g. big data engineer) in addition to those who specifically use the title 'data engineer' specifically. Additionally, LinkedIn's search feature allowed us to isolate people who are *currently* employed at Walmart (as opposed to past employees), which also proved to be very useful for this research.
  • One thing that should be noted here is that the number of individuals (i.e. search results) that LinkedIn pulls up may be inaccurate if: 1) the individuals no longer work at the company but have failed to update their LinkedIn profile and/or 2) an individual with this job title is employed by the company but isn't on LinkedIn and therefore has not been counted into these results. Despite these nuances, we feel strongly that this is the best research approach that can be utilized using publicly available information in order to answer this question as it provides a relatively accurate ballpark figure for the number of data engineers at each firm.

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