Research Outline

Replacement CCFL Ballast


To find a replacement for a CCFL ballast that is not in stock. The replacement CCFL ballast should supply up to or over 34 watts / 90mA and operate at 110v AC ~or~ 5 to 24 v DC (ideally).

Early Findings

While Surelite Ballast 10-0024B-R was not available at Buy Ultraviolet, it was available at other websites. The required information has been presented below.

Replacement CCFL Ballasts in the US

1. Amazon

  • Here is the link to the product. This is the same Surelite Ballast 10-0024B-R that was out of stock at Buy Ultraviolet.
  • The replacement ballast costs $144.87 at Amazon.

2. eBay

  • Here is the link to the product. According to the website, more than 10 ballasts are available.
  • The replacement ballast costs $144.87 at eBay. eBay also offers some discounts for a higher quantity of the product.

3. Walmart

4. Interlight US

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