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Fintech Investors


To determine the top 20 most valuable fintechs in the world, and who the major investors are for each. Additionally, to learn details about these investors including the key principals who do the investing, the size of their funds, investment philosophy, any investments in the top 20 fintechs in addition to the initial one found, the characteristics of the top 10 investments in unicorn and non-unicorns, any interactions with management of invested companies (i.e. other than investing money, what else do they do with the companies they invest in)

Early Findings

  • Pagan Research compiled the top 20 fintech companies in the world based on valuation. Some investors for each company are also provided.


  • Ant Financial was valued at $150 billion as of June 8, 2018.
  • Some investors are Temasek Holdings, Sequoia Capital, China Investment Corp (CIC), CCB Trust, China Life, China Post Group, China Development Bank Capital, & Primavera Capital Group.
  • According to Crunchbase, there are four lead investors: Temasek Holdings, GIC, China Investment Corporation, and the National Council for Social Security Fund.
  • Ant Financial has a total of 14 investors, including the lead investors.


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