Research Outline

Online/App-Based Exercise, Weight-Loss, Personal Training, Diet and Nutrition Market Sizes - United States


Provide United States market size values for health and fitness related apps and/or online services in various segments, including exercise/weight-loss, personal training, and diet/nutrition.

Early Findings

Much of the available information found related to global online and ap-based fitness/weight-loss/personal training/diet/nutrition market sizes with little United States specific data, though some of the requested information may be available through purchased reports behind paywall.

Online/App Exercise and Weight Loss Market Size

  • The digital weight loss market is estimated to be worth $1.4 billion out of a $72 billion weight loss total market in the United States.
  • The overall global fitness app market was worth $2.4 billion in 2018, and showed a considerable compound annual growth rate of 21.1%.
  • In 2019, the value of the global fitness app market increased to $3.15 billion.
  • Some predictions estimate that the fitness app market will reach $10.9 billion by 2026, globally. Other estimates reach as high as $14.6 billion.

Online/App Personal Training Market Size

  • The total personal training market in the United States reached $9 billion in 2018.
  • Specific information for the personal training app market size was not found available, as much of this would likely fall under the general online-fitness/fitness-app market segment.

Online/App Diet and Nutrition Market Size

  • Total revenues for nutritionists and dietitians in the United States reached $472 million in 2019, but it is unclear how much of this value is online or app based.
  • The global nutrition and wellness market size reached $1.6 billion in 2019, showing a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%.
  • Mobile health apps, which include but are not limited to nutrition and diet services, were worth $12.4 billion globally in 2018 with an extremely high compound annual growth rate of 44.7%.
  • Diet and nutrition profiling has seen considerable advances which has contributed to the use of personalized diet programs and a continually increasing market value, however, exact market sizes for online and app usage of this service was not found readily available.