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To obtain competitive landscapes along with other key details of multiple fitness apps that offer health solutions to remain competitive in the market.

Early Findings

Agnostic Health & Wellness Platforms Insights

  • Virtual Training and Online Workout Subscriptions- "This trend allows people to get personal training and instruction from the comfort of their own homes," she explains. "It's helping beginners get the benefits of exercise without having to go to the gym, which can still be intimidating," Oprea continues.
  • Technology-Based Fertility Tracking- These high-tech trackers do everything from track your sleep patterns and stress levels to your skin temperature and resting pulse rate. Archer said, "I have seen a huge rise in women choosing this method of birth control lately, and I think that it is going to continue to grow in popularity this coming year."
  • Diversity Inclusion- Women of color have long been underrepresented in wellness. For too long, many people associated yoga and meditation with white Lululemon-clad juice enthusiasts. Now leaders are creating innovative ways to bring self-care to new audiences. Until mainstream companies catch on, they’re leading the way for inclusivity.
  • Sleep- The last few years have seen several new tech products to help people sleep, including nighttime wearables, sleep trackers, smart pillows, and more. I even once spent the night with a sleep robot, which was more or less like a Teddy Ruxpin for insomniacs. Now, the issue is spreading to more industries in the health and wellness space. In May, Equinox announced a new “sleep coach” program for its members, as well as a clinical research study demonstrating how sleep impacts performance. This upcoming February will see the launch of Nightfood’s new line of ice cream that complements the human sleep cycle. Nightfood is betting on sleep health becoming the next big functional food category.
  • Insurance Based Wellness Programs- Wellness programs, which are often featured with high deductible health plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), work by helping participants make better lifestyle choices to improve their health. They typically start with an initial health screening, and then offer specific programs to address identified health problems. These programs range from exercise and weight-loss regimens to stop smoking and diabetes management programs, among others.


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