Research Outline

Fitness Wearables Players


Determine the top players in the fitness wearables market. The information will be used for a business pitch.

Early Findings

Fitness Wearables Players


  • Apple provides various fitness trackers such as its Apple Watch.
  • Its revenue for the wearables and home accessories segment is $24.48 billion.
  • Fitbit offers wearable devices that can help users to achieve their health and fitness objectives.
  • Its line of fitness trackers and smartwatches can help track various health indicators such as calories, heart beat, sleep levels, and others.
  • The company's revenue for 2018 is $1.5 billion.


  • Garmin offers various fitness wearable devices.
  • Its multi-sport watches has a heart rate tracking capability and a calorie counter.
  • It also has cycling computers that can measure the amount of calories burned and other cycling metrics.
  • Garmin also offers a cycling power meter that can be attached to bicycle pedals to monitor leg power balance.
  • The company also has various activity tracking devices that can monitor heart rates, sleeping habits, and physical activities.
  • The company's fitness segment's net sales for 2018 is $858,329.